Microsoft Bing Search Engine is Up


Now that Bing has been officially launched by Microsoft in order to provide some competition in the Internet Search Engine arena, most web users and administrators would be looking for ways to be ranked well in Bing. The answers to this issue are certainly convoluted and it would not come to any of us easily at a time like this. Certainly, Bing would not follow the Google way and would be stricter in ranking sites and blogs. Perhaps they would not operate based on linkbacks and on-site SEO but would depend on content research.

There is also a possibility that only authoritative sites would be ranked while the rest of the websites appearing in results depending on the content and its quality. This might worry many web users and site admins as their previous Live Search ranking may take a beating. Now if Bing will behave the way analysts have been pointing out, bloggers may not do really well in the results.

A search for blogs and their names returns with the home page results but when I tried for particular posts already indexed on Google, Bing did not come back with the same results for an of the combination of search keywords. This could prove to be a death knell for blogs and those who publish using blog software. Bing may not work like Google and it is actually not supposed to work like the Google algorithm.

Bing depends more on the location of the content, jobs, product reviews, travel decisions and health keywords. This may mean that content heavy blogs ma just miss the Bing boat. On the contrary, content heavy sites have the chance of being ranked well because they have been authority sites elsewhere. It may be safe to assume that the guys at Microsoft will implement nofollow and the page ranking rules are going to be stricter, and in a way it is good for respectable and deserving sites who work a lot for their content instead of spending thousands on link building and Google SEO.

Bing SEO techniques and tips may not be far away and people will definitely come up with was to increase or improving rankings and results on Bing, if it really takes off. With the SEO being set aside for a while, Bin certainly fares well when compared with Google. Of course, Google looks better and we all know how it works. However, video search results, image results and also certain keywords fare better on Bing. Moreover, Bing has an easy and customizable interface. It almost brings the same results as Google if not better, and is faster too.


However, accessing porn seems to be really easy, especially if you are looking for videos. Bing does seem like a great alternative to Google and with Google almost hogging all the search traffic, Bing would be a good balance if it is successful. Of course, Microsoft Bing may not and will not win over Google but if Microsoft buys Yahoo search, Bing certainly will be a formidable balance and that would make Internet a more democratic and competitive place.

The downsides of Bing are, one would not want to see hose weird graphics on the homepage as it looks cluttered, though it is minimalist. Many of the features seem copied from Google and there is no reason why people would suddenly switch over from Google to Bing.

However, many had been wanting an alternative search engine, especially those who feared Google’s dominance. Moreover, Bing really brings great search results in the spheres of product reviews, movie listings, weather, travel, and stock prices. For the moment, Bing may provide the competition that Google needs to stay humble, and in the coming weeks, Bign may reveal a wealth of features and advantages which have not been understood yet. Even SEO on Bing would clearer and less ambiguous.