Tetris Shoes Knockoffs


Everyone loves Tetris! Well, at least most people I know love the game which is one of the most popular and completely user friendly brick game and is so completely addictive and fun. Those who struggle to use the interface, whichever it may be, TV, a small video game, a desktop PC, or a video game console, would still try and adjust just to play the game, and not to mention, keep building and breaking for hours. It is one of those simple yet captivating games, that can never go out of the market, though 3D designed, multi-level animated games are in.

Wouldn’t it be cool for Tetris fans to own shoes knockoffs that shows their obsession of the game; it could also be a do it yourself, make your own colorful, cool Tetris knockoffs like Noisedrownssignal did. They can definitely be matched with a black pullover and blue denim jeans, which never go out of fashion, or to create your own style.

A word of advice by the artist though, is to get creative and designer in placing the Tetris design, since it is apparently hard to paint acrylic on canvas.