Geeky Star Wars Mighty Muggs are Too Cute for the Galaxy


Mighty Muggs could make any doll cuter than it really is, and that is what they do for some of these Star Wars characters. The thing is, there are a few which I never thought I would be able to mention the word cute with.

As a great set, the Star Wars muggs from todokawaii are exactly that…huge muggs of the famous characters we grew up with. You can see Han Solo with his smug face, Darth Maul look s a little less threatening, Darth Vader is as cute as a button, and the rest join the gang of harmless Star Wars dolls.

On the one hand, Star Wars geeks complain that George Lucas has allowed for such commercialization of the Saga’s story and characters, but on the other hand…these are just adorable. It could definitely be an easy way to introduce a baby nerd or geek into the wonderful saga without scaring the hell out of them.They go hand in hand with the beautiful Star Wars Kokeshi dolls.