Huge Condom Bed Pillow for Frustrated Geeks


Nothing like a condom shaped pillow for a geek to go to sleep on or others to get a quick reminder before any deed will go a step further; some things you don’t want to forget.

It could be the time we are living in with sex and violence on TV, women in bikini on MTV or simply an act of boredom, but these giant condom pillows are actually not as vulgar as one would expect. They are approximately 100 times a regular condom package (don’t start flattering yourself), and are beautiful designed using silk screen.

LittleElk mentions their measurements being 17′ x 18′ and that there are two separate pockets available: one small one to hold actual condoms and another holds an oversized fabric condom. Definitely sounds like a great college prank was made into reality.

At the moment they are sold out, but it is sure that many guys (and a few girls) would love to have this on their bed of love making. If you like the concept but not as a bed pillow, then take a look at the USB Condom, for it may be something that should be carried for secured file sharing.

LittleElk Via: Awesomer