Music Pill is Medicine for the Soul


Music is food for the soul they say, it heals everything and most people would agree, and also acknowledge that they in fact have an obsession of a few songs, albums, artists, lyrics etc to the extent that other than probably a pair of keys, and a cell phone, an music player is something that they never forget to carry wherever they go.

And of course once you have the option of carrying your music with you, its all about how much you can carry in terms of number of songs and how less you can carry in terms of weight. Well, i guess that is where this music Pill mp3 player comes into play, which is about 2.7 inches long and is definite music medicine to music lovers.

The Pill mp3 player will be launched soon, and other than the size and the fact that it resembles a pill, there is no other information about this player. But a good question to ask would be that, is a player the size of our index finger actually small? and does the shape of a pill make it any more convenient to use or carry around?

With no specifics to vouch for it, this player would only be fancied by those who like geeky stuff. Still, it does seem similar to the Alarm Clock pill.

Images Via: Gadgetvenue Via: Coolest Gadgets Via: SlipperyBrick