Garish Underpants Purses for the Kinky


There are people who have fetishes for certain clothes, especially undergarments, and if you are one such guy or girl, you would love these Underpants Purses. Though these are obviously Men’s underpants, it is not clear if the purses are meant only for women. Moreover, one can only wonder which man would have liked to wear these garishly designed underpants, even in 70s!

You could keep all your money, secret totems, voodoo accessories and other such things which you don’t want others to find in these bizarre Underpants Purses. They are available in four different shades including Hearts (sigh!), Rainbows (really?), Cherries and Strawberry.

Of course, these purses are recommended for women who have a fetish for girly men’s underwear. It could also be used by men who like the same, though it actually would not be a pleasant sight to see a guy carry something like this! Manufacturers assure that though these purses look and feel like Y fronts, they do not smell like fronts and I thank God for that! I wonder what we shall next. A vegetable bag shaped like a brassiere?

If you are into retro silly Men’s underwear, you should go and grab these Underpants Purses which cost about 7 Pounds each. The more people reveal their fetishes to others, the easier it gets for manufacturers to sell kinky products. The Study Ball is one such kinky device that has been featured recently. If you are the kind of guy who gets off on condoms, you should try the disgusting Condom Bed Pillow.

Via: Random Good Stuff