A Penguin and a USB Wireless Mouse


What would a combination of a bird and a mammal make, or What would a combination of a penguin and a mouse make? I think the answer would be, only an Alien!  🙂 I am sure, all the biologists out there are going sack me for introducing such big evolutionary misconceptions. But it is quite amusing to beat mother nature and put these two animals together to make a gadget, a USB wireless mouse, disguised as a penguin.

This Penguin USB wireless Mouse is extremely user friendly to all users, ever the younger ones, and not biased towards only the ones who can sing, but also the ones who can dance, using their happy feet, or tickle if you might using their now happy fingers! It is compatible with all the operating systems.

It’s wireless capabilities allow you to relax at work or at home and not necessarily stick yourself 30 cms in front of the screen. It comes in a wide range of colours to suit one and all, so you can colour co-ordinate it with your desktop PC or laptop.

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I think it just lacks the ‘happy’ touch. Maybe the yellow smiley can be turned upside down to provide for the same? In any case it is definitely useful, handy and easy to carry around, and so will make all the users happy. If you are interested, look up some more about the specs and buy it for $21 from Gadget4all.

Via: Geeky-gadgets