Retro Pacman Coffee Table Design


Another great Pacman design was brought to light with a beautiful coffee table that would be a complete must for old gamers who are so fond of the yellow and round character.

Designer Erin McFadden has made this Pacman coffee table for top game collector Syd Bolton, providing an actually looking and not so geeky table in the process. It does in fact show Mr. Pacman taking over half the table, with the all so familiar game screen on the other half. Even the ghosts characters get their own spot on the table within the screenshot.


Pacman is just so lovable, and we could always expect such artwork and fanmade ideas to pop up. If Pacman does in fact put a smile on your face, perhaps you could find your way to Pacman Island or ride on your motorcycle with the Pacman Motorcycle Helmet.


Via: TheAwesomer Via: Destructoid