Transform yourself sporting these Transformers Cufflinks


Formal wear can be downright boring at times, and to top it off as we all know, any Men’s formal wear collection comes up short on variety of occassions. The only thing that can make you stand on while you are in your formals are perhaps the shoes and the tie, that is probably the most we can think of. While most of us lose out on the eye for detail, it would be great to have more options to chose from such as Transformers Cufflinks..

Putting more thought into the detailing would help, for example, wearing an appropriate and extremely radical set of cufflinks such as these transformer cuff links, would definitely transform the way you look. Pretty cool to bring out that attitude in you, while at work, I’d say.

Coupled with a matched tie pin and the perfect pen, would definitely make a mark. These silver plated transformer cuff links match with almost all formal combination unless you are a gold digger of course. They are about 2cm by 2cm in size and are symbolized by an autobot and a decepticon.


Via: Geeky-gadgets Via: Etsy’s