The best use of Tetris Design – Tetris Tiles


After all those fun Tetris clothing and fashion accessories you would have read about in our earlier posts, we are excited to bring to those Tetris fans, these colorful and lively Tetris tiles.

These tetris tiles can definitely change the look of your bathroom or kitchen interiors, especially when you are debating, arguing or having trouble deciding which design or color goes into the tiles at home, just take a vote on how many people at home like tetris and take home these tiles.


Tetris Tiles are everything you need, they are not expensive, can be used in dry and wet areas of the house, can be customised to your preference, and also come in your own choice of colours and can function as indoor and outdoor tiles. Kids can have their own share of fun by tracing a route out of these puzzled tetris tiles from one corner to the other.

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Via: 3rings