Funky Animal Buttock Towel Holders

The kid has hit the bull’s eye yet again with it’s new product out there, and it promises that drying your hands won’t be a must-to-do task every time you use your kitchen sink. The Dog-end and Cat-cloth are towel holders that swear to make you smile every time you wipe your hands clean.

Funky-buttock-towel-holders-1These are unnatural towel holders that are just a remake of the late 1950’s-ness towel holder with a funky twist. But this twist surely adds enough cutie pie quotient to make us wanna grab them. The push-to-fit technology isn’t new, but, anyways, it is fun to use.Funky-buttock-towel-holders-2

Available for 19.99$ each, the pricing is undoubtedly sky rocketing for such a thing. The Dog-end is offered with a color variety of pure white and dalmatian-behind with dimensions of 13″ tall x 5.5″ wide. The Cat-cloth is on hand in either black or white color choices with dimensions of 16″ height x 4.5″ width. The towel holder is shipped along with a strong sticky pad or a screw for your choice of mounting.

Albeit, the price is very high, but again, products like these are not seen every now and then just like the animal pencil sharpeners. Now, this is something that makes me wanna go purrr………….and bow wow!