Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea: A Cute Masterpiece Vinyl Doll!

cup of tea vinyl toyWhat’s in a name, when the creation can be anything but outlandish such as with the moniker of Lunartik (lunatic?), and the natural flow of thought would be to expect something bizarre – one that might stand out in a crowd of wannabes but never really can hope to be a masterpiece. We were delightfully proved wrong.

The ‘Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea’ is cute and is indeed a work of exemplary art seen in a vinyl doll! Who would, on first glance, imagine that these robotic creatures taking a caffeine dip are in fact vinyl creations handcrafted with resin casting techniques? Each of these is custom designed to cater to the unique tastes of collectors, as well as signed, dated and packed in pretty display caskets – a fact that takes the USP of this creation several notches higher.

Each of the ‘Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea’ figurines stands 6 and a half inches tall, and comes with a shiny spoon, two sugar cubes, a cup and a saucer. They have individual histories, too!

The Ice T seems to have acquired its ‘cool’ visage after chilling out on the light-opposing side of the moon. The White, of course, is the signature edition of Jones and is a classic. The Green Tea attempts to rejuvenate your senses, while Rosie Lee is out on a secret mission to cheer you up with its cutesy edginess.

If you are looking for an additional dose of energy, the DIY Milky is your pick!

Thank you Matt Jones for the vinyl doll designs.

Via: Forbiddenplanet