Wireless Recharger Concept Charges Three Devices at a Time

wireless gadget charger

Some product concept designs are not only innovative but artistic too, and here is a ‘Wireless Recharger’ design by University of Washington Student Mike Horton which doesn’t even look like a charger but an artistic and innovative table lamp.

It seems to be some table top lamp or some decorative art piece, and the best part is one can keep it on a table and charge three devices at a time!

wireless gadgets charger concept design

The usual rechargers often with dangling wires needing plug holes often make the room look clumsy. And with every other electronic device needing charging these days, the chargers everywhere often spoil modern geek home’s décor. This three way recharger would really make charging very easy and will add style to the décor of geek homes. It does look very stylish and in fact is very deceptive too as no one can really guess what it is unless one looks closely.

Hope this design concept becomes a real product too. It would really add a dimension of style to the desk while charging phone, music player or any other electronic device. And being lightweight it can be carried along anywhere. Also check out Chargepod Gadgets Charger and USB Hub and the Cellphone and iPod Charging Shoe for other innovative charging devices. But this Wireless Recharger is most stylish of them all.

Via Hometone

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