Bacon Tattoo is So Yummy!

bacon tattoo design

One thing is for sure, people love to eat, and even more individuals still love the amazingly greasy Bacon strips…enough to get a colorful tattoo immortalized on their arm for all to see.

As if Bacon accessories such as the Bacon Wallet or the Bacon Skateboard aren’t enough to profess your love for the All American breakfast meat, FriendlyFire had to scar their own skin (meat and flesh) with a crazy and geeky tattoo. Better yet, such a food item to be so close to the hairy armpit is another thing that raises a question of the individual’s own sanity.

Still, since people love tattoos and Bacon so much, it probably ends up as one of those: “Man! That thing is awesome, but I wouldn’t get it myself”. Which doesn’t really say anything about the actual artwork, does it?

Via: Geekologie