Awesome Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles Zombie T Shirt Design

resident evil darkside chronicles game shirt

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is being revealed at the San Diego Comic Con, and an awesome Resident Evil T Shirt is being given away to some lucky RE fans.

This cool new Resident Evil T Shirt seems at first like any other promotional shirt we always seen with the game’s logo, tagline and fancy design on the front and back but as you could see in the first image ab0ve…it is different than we expected.

new resident evil darkside chronicles game shirt

As you pull the shirt over your head, a scary Zombie face takes over your head, making a two in one t shirt for the die hard Zombie fans. You have now transformed into a walking Zombie and are halfway clothed, really getting into the act.

Such as Resident Evil making its return, lately we have seen some other Zombie return with the Michael Jackson Thriller figures and even Metal Gear Solid Snake Zombie figure. Zombies are definitely making a comeback, so lock your doors and keep your children safe…

resident evil darkside chronicles video game zombie shirt

Via: PS3Maven