HP Mini 110 XP Netbook Gets New Colors and Features

hp 110 mini netbook pink

Women always like to keep their things stylish, so they prefer gadgets that score high on technology, design and women appeal with beautiful colors and shape. The trend that I have been noticing amongst makers these days is that they just paint things in pink color and expect the fairer sex to gaga over it. Pink is undisputed and remains the favorite color, but a dab of some crystals or patterns is what gives these gadgets an extra edge. HP pretty much realized this with previous Women Laptops and scooped the HP Mini 110 XP Netbook in pink and white

hp 110 mini netbook

The milestone feature here is a new Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced video accelerator and a high resolution 10.1-inch LCD-backlit screen, thereby leveraging your viewing experience. Also, it can play a variety of media formats like MKV, MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV and TS/M2TS without slowing down your system in anyway. The only flipside is the video acceleration cannot be put to use on any media player for 1080p movies without the use of ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre software (included). Other specs include Intel’s Atom N270 or N280 processors, 160GB of HDD, integrated GMA 950 graphics and 1GB of RAM.

hp 110 mini netbook white

While the standard model costs $330 you can purchase one with additional battery power for $350 which seems like a fair deal. While 160 GB is a $30 option, 32GB SSD can be put for another $75.

Via: GadgetHer