Periodic Table Jewelry For The Science Freak Within You

periodic table elements au ring

If you are a scientist who loves bling and craves for jewelry or a jewelry lover who has passion for science seated somewhere deep within his brains, then these cool Periodic Table of Elements rings and pendants could be your way to Geeky and Fashion heaven. I mean, any would love such respectable and intelligent jewelry.

These pieces of blings are available in your choices of metal, which obviously has to gold (Au), silver (Ag) or platinum (Pt). Am sure that by this time you have started thinking that I am a chemistry freak, haven’t you? But, for your kind information, I am not a freak, but, these are the symbols of the respective elements that you get carved on the ring and the pendant. The information is quite clear with even with the atomic number and the molecular number printed in standard format.

Each piece of bling can be brought separately at Itsno, wherein the prices for rings are $295$ for silver, $2100 for gold and $6000 for platinum. The pricing for pendant is set such that they are $180 for silver, $800 for gold and $2800 for the platinum novelty. Although the input of the moolah is quite high, but the novelty is definitely worth it.

If you are looking to be a Science Geek without such a hefty amount, you could always get the Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain, which also allows you to practice while in the shower.