Vampire Fangs Flytrap And Headgear Are Spooky!

vampire fangs flytrap

Fun creations often border on the ridiculous and yet, for all their eccentricity and bizarreness, they manage to draw eyeballs from many various directions and very different individuals. With the primary objective accomplished, realizing success in the rest is a cinch. The JAAAHWS (even the name defies wisdom) is a perfect example of this fact. It is essentially a tribute to the countless vampire tales, with large blood-dripping fangs and meanness oozing from every inch of the product. Strangely, Brian Morishita – the creator of this fun product – chose to go both extremes in size.

vampire fangs head gear costume

On one side, you have a gigantic man-eating (considering its size, we aren’t surprised) Venus flytrap with logic-flouting vampire fangs. And on the other side, you have a ‘fang headgear’ that kids can use to scare the rest of their tribe away.  The latter has an amateurish tinge to its design, but the former makes up for this sloppiness with its rather ‘in your face’ appearance. We aren’t sure how much the masterpiece costs, but you could try the fang head for $20 (plain white) or the glow-in-the-dark version for $28.

If you would rather have a toy to play with, then check the Transformers Head Gear or the Vampire Lucita Action Figure.

Via: Boingboing