Lego Google Chrome Icon and More

google chrome icon collage art

Michael Lopez, Web Design Lead at Google Chrome posted an account about how he originally designed the Google Chrome icon, and when he did so, he had a lot of things like design, color, feel and mood to consider, and everything had to look just right. When the final icon was designed, it was amazing and became popular pretty quickly. This June, he and the team invited Chrome users to send their modifications of the icon, or even better, build a new icon for Google Chrome in their own ways.

People from all around the world responded to the call with feverish representations of the Google Chrome icon and the results were amazingly rich and varied. Many people used cups, dominos, food, clothing and a whole lot of other things to recreate a 3D Google Chrome icon in a fun but cool and interesting manner.

One of the most outstanding ones was the Google Chrome icon in Lego, designed by a Chrome user Renaud from Annecy, France. While we have all learned how popular Lego blocks are, no one could have imagined that someone might actually use those cute blocks to create a Google Chrome icon and that too in an attractive and cool manner.

The video reveals how easy it may look but how much effort Renaud might actually have put into the act. It would have been cooler if Google had these competitions more often and even gave away prizes for the most creative and unique creations. Anyway the company has loads of dough, and also loads of products in Google Labs, for which people can design innumerable icons.