The Transport Perceptual Pod by Alberto Frias Lets You Sleep Like a Baby

The Transport Perpetual Pod is a bed designed by Alberto Frias, and it looks like the ideal way to get a good night’s sleep since sleeping inside this temperature controlled and motion controlled water bed could be Literally a dream come true.

transport perceptual pod hi tech bed

In the picture though, the pillows seem extremely uncomfortable, although there is no way to check that out without actually trying it. Apart from this however, everything about it seems perfect, kind of like the Hamburger Bed. There is a sound system that is provided by Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Colour Kinetics supply the LED lighting inside, and as I mentioned earlier, the temperature and motion is controlled. The music can be synchronized to play your favorite tunes from you computer, iPod or home stereo. Overall, you will have your own personal meditation space when you invest in a Transport Perceptual Pod.

Each of the Pods are handmade and can be customized to suit your preference. They all come with their own personalized numbers and autographed, and each piece is truly unique. There are only two sizes to choose from, the 6 feet diameter version (which is the more common one) or the 8 feet diameter version (for people who like a little more room on their beds). The outer covering comes in either black or white, although you can control the inside lighting to suit your mood.

Of course, for this kind of luxury however, you will have to pay quite a hefty price. They cost around $9500, although if you customize it with different materials, you will pay a lot more for it.

Via: Dwell