A Cassette Case For The iPod Nano

You may be realizing that some companies out there are cheating you out of your money, and this thought may have prompted our friend over at Flickr to come up this new and easy way to make an iPod Nano case mod from those old cassettes lying around your house. Better known as The Bottomless Paddling Pool, our friend has made us realize the value and worth of our money.

cool ipod cassette tape case

The multi-national companies make a huge profit every year by manufacturing these simple to build items such as iPhone cases and selling them to customers at a very high price. Our friend has now demonstrated to us, how simple and effective this home-made iPod mod could be, not only is it cool but also a way to recycle our old junk. The useless cassette tape that just lies around the house; all thanks to the iPod, will now be re-utilized in serving the new God of portable music as their personal footstools. In these tough days when both the economical and ecological balance of the world is disturbed, let us do our part and help make the world a better place to live in.

cassette tape case for ipod

But if you are one of those rich and lazy geeks who do not want to work a drop of sweat, let alone make their own i-case, you can have a look at this cool Retro iPod case and lend the multi national companies a helping hand.