LED Gas Mask Mod Lights Up the Party

led gas mask

You would usually think that Gas Masks signify danger, evil and a bad time, but seems a new LED Gas Mask modification could mean the exact opposite.

These cool looking Gas Masks aren’t a full face Gas mask but are minimalistic kinds that simply go over your mouth and face. In addition, the new modification to the side respirators adds some LED that changes colors and could probably take off at some clubs and part scenes around the Globe.

weird gas mask design

Created by the amazing modder Cyb3rburn, these are available to own for only $37.99 and could be the major talk in your next party. Along with the right music, individuals and scenery, these could not hurt but just excite and enhance the party.

In addition, with Halloween just around the corner, they could be a great Halloween mask that like the Darth Vader Gas Mask and the Swine Flu Masks designs, could be an easy solution to your difficult costume search.

Thank you Andrew for the info!

cool led gas mask