Peg Puzzle Like Music Player Design is Awesome!

puzzle game mp3 player

This Music product design here is definitely gonna awake your inner child, as the music player here has its design borrowed from the peg puzzle that you used to solve when you were young. Well, you don’t have to fit in the buttons to start the player, but you have to do so to charge the player, as the charging ports of the player match with those on the cradle.

The pegs or modules are all interconnected by using Bluetooth technology. There are eight modules in all that complete the player, namely the play/pause button, the forward and backward skip buttons, two buttons for adjusting volume, two speaker buttons that can mute the desired speaker, the earphone buttons that help pair the earphone with the main module and the main module button, which is the central LCD screen. According to the creator of this innovative stuff, each button can be pressed in the puzzle frame (cradle), or anywhere else to just bring about the desired effect. Each module has to be paired with the main module before switching on the player by pressing the frame of the LCD display.

Each button consist of two parts with one part inside the other so that it is clickable and hence the whole stuff becomes quite versatile when positioning them (you can even have the whole music player on your refrigerator using magnets). When you use the wireless earphones, the speaker automatically switches off, saving you energy.

All in all, this design here is great, I am a bit apprehensive about the portability of this stuff, though; there are chances that we might loose some parts of the player. This design is just a concept like the Word Radio Player and no practical model has been made available, so, I guess, that we won’t be able to get our hands on one of such stuffs anytime soon.

Via: Mintpass