Tetris Table Design is The Outcome Of Years Of Gaming

tetris game table design

I was scolded a lot for keeping on playing the good old Tetris every day throughout my entire childhood, and I’m sure there may be many out there who might have gone through worse, but I hardly ever thought that all those years of gaming would ever be put to any better use. Finally I meet this awesome guy Jonas Samson, who opened my eyes to the truth of all those years of gaming, as he created the Tetris Table, a result of all his past years of gaming.

He, as quoted in his own words, describes that the Table was the outcome of all those years he spent into playing the all time favorite Tetris. And unlike most of us he actually managed to make some very good use of all his experience in gaming and putting it together to come up with something that is so cool and artistic, all topped up with the natural hint of gaming. The table measures up 100 x 40 x 40 cm and is made up from different types of wood, giving the look of a giant piece of gaming frenzy popping right out of the 3D version of the game. Although the design looks a bit shaky in it’s roots, it is surprisingly very strong and sturdy and has the capacity to bear a fair amount of load.

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