Lighting up the Future with Mint Lights

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These are the beautifully designed and manufactured Mint lights for the future, with the first one is the bending light, the next is the quoit light and the third is the flashlight + lantern + stand light design, all under the concept of Mint lights.

bending light design
The bending lights, bend, and with the help of bend sensors inside light up your work place according to your needs, the more you bend it the more light it emits. An extension of this concept, brings out the second application of network lights, which are wi-fi enabled bending lights which gives you information about the weather, your bank balance or your biorhythms, depending on whats your need.

group lighting solution

The Quoit lights are inspired by the Quoit game, where the rings are thrown to the pole, except that in this case you cannot throw any of the lights. The pole and the rings have coils and LED lamp module wrapped internally which creates the flow of electricity, and yet again more rings bring more light. They come complete with a set of rubber rings for different settings that you might need.

flash light lamp design

The flashlight+lantern+stand light is exactly that. Take a look at the pictures and you will know, as it can also be converted into a portable spot light too. Not to mention all of these come with rechargeable batteries which can keep them going for long.

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Via: Mintpass