Yin Yang Center Table Set Has A Dual Functionality

How two completely opposite forces are always interrelated and co-exist together and in the end give rise to each other is the basic concept behind the Yin Yang theory, and similarly, Vinicius Zarpelon has demonstrated to us the simplicity and yet the complexity of the theory in the form of this new Yin Yang Center Table.

yin yang table design

Made from Polyurethane Soft Foam, this table is really the outcome of a very ingenious idea, an idea that aims to combine the table and the seating elements into one cool piece of furniture. As very evident from the second picture, all the components of the table can be removed and be instantly converted into seats for the guests, much to their surprise!.

cool yin yang table

The mainframe of the table is made of wood so as to bear all it’s weight, while the rest of the table can just be opened up and re-assembled very easily. This table could become the perfect new addition to your perfectly adjusted Feng-Shui home, since a table that actually doubles up into a comfortable seat is very hard to find.

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