Ecto-2 Presents Ghostbusters Concept Hummer

ghostbusters 3 ecto vehicle

Attention all Ghostbusters –  if you are planning to form your own paranormal exterminator service then you also need to consider the following equipment, the primary of which is the Proton Pack then followed by the Ecto Splat, the Ecto Charger, Ecto Goggles and many more. But the most important piece of all equipment is the new and advanced Ecto Ghostbusters Special Edition Concept Hummer, hand crafted by James Mundy.

ghostbusters 3 ecto 2

The Hummer concept comes complete with it’s own distinctive siren, the one like in the original movie, and is specially customized to perfectly suit the needs of any ghost-busting squad, like the inbuilt radar, the compressed air tanks and lots of boot space to store all their crazy equipment and not to mention the paranormal beings. The mean machine will also portray one of the most charismatic logos of all time, the Ghostbusters, complete with your contact number on it and the number 3, for the upcoming third installment of the film.

new ghostbusters 3 movie car

I have a feeling that soon we might be presented with the Ecto-Bomber, the Hummer Tank, the Ecto-Ichi and the Ecto -8 as well, but all we need to have is a little patience. So all those psychos…. err..I mean Psychologists start saving for your very own Ecto-Mobile ’cause someday you might become the local exterminator service. You might also need the special Ghostbusters Cufflinks for your distinct identity.

new ghostbusters 3