Where The Wild Things Are Street Mural Art

where the wild things are street mural

The movie Where The Wild Things Are is getting so close to release, so all the fans are coming out of the cracks and showing some beautiful tributes and artwork in respect to the classic children’s book.

In this specific artwork, a group of artists called Robots Will Kill did a beautiful street mural in New York City of Where the Wild Things Are. In respect to their name and the book title, the cool artwork is named: Where The Wild Robots Are”.

where the wild robots are mural

The awesome video below shows a stop motion video of their great artwork and makes me wonder why city streets aren’t filled with such Fantasy artwork more often. It doesn’t have to be the Delete Keyboard art like we seen before, but a popular children story could really do the trick and grant so much more color and perpective.

If you are a big fan of the book and love the artwork, then check out the Where The Wild Things Are Bento art or even the cool Kubrick Figures set.

Thanks Johnson for the video!