Google Wave Invite For Sale on Ebay

google wave invitation

With the huge Google Wave frenzy around the net and everyone and their friends, family and pets wanting to get their hands on a special Google Wave Invite, there is one way to make sure you get your hands on one…buy it on Ebay.

We just found an open bid on Ebay for a special Google Wave invitation that makes certain you are one of the 100,000 that are within the in-crowd to try the new Google Product. You must still remember that Google Wave is not in its prime, but is just opening up for a Preview for those interested to be the first to try it, use it, work on it besides actual developers.

At the moment, the current Google Wave Invitation bid is at $157 and there are still 2 days left for the bidding…so hurry up, take your time, or whatever Ebay tactics you personally use.

For other exciting and new Google News that won’t cost you a dime, check out the exciting new Fast Flip Google and even the Fan made Chrome OS. For the Ebay page to make a bid for a Wave Invite, check the link below, and to learn more about Google Wave…press play in the video below.

Google Wave bid on ebay.