How To Easily Clean Your LCD Screen or Big Screen TV

how to clean your lcd screen

No matter how careful we are at attempting to keep our computer screen clean and dust free, it continues to get dusty and dirty from our own mistakes or others greasy fingers. You could always learn How to clean your LCD Screen the old fashioned way or get this nifty new gadget which makes the whole process easy, painless and practically effort free.

TVClean is a cool gadget that is extremely portable in size and weight and looks like an innovative and enhanced configuration of those ‘lint removal’ rollers we know from years ago. Its innovative point is the slim fixture and also the two rollers: one made with a smooth surface and the other to collect the dust and dirt.

tv clean gadget

Straight out of the package, just two “protective” tapes need to be removed, and you can use it in seconds. The TVClean gadget is used to roll on the computer screen of your choice or even a large TV Screen and picks up the dust like those old ‘lint removals’ used to do with lint on our clothes. The great thing is that the smooth surface does not scratch or harm your screen whatsoever, and behind it is the “adhesive” roller which collects the actual dirt.

I decided to see how easy it is, and found out it was easy and effective. After a 10 second job on my screen, it was clean and dust free with practically no effort.

For more information on this cleaning gadget, check out TVClean and also example video below.