Where The Wild Things Are Characters Bobble Head Toys

carol where the wild things are bobble head

Where the Wild Things Are is a highly anticipated film about to be released in October that is based closely on the children book by the same name. In order to celebrate its release, cool Where The Wild Things Are Figures Bobble Heads are released that grant you the ability to pick a few of your favorite characters and have them entertain you at home with their senseless nodding.

Many would love to have Max, the main character of Where the Wild Things Are, happily stare back at them from a shelf in their room while others may appreciate the actual adorable monsters such as Carol, Ira, KW, Douglas, Judith, Alexander or even Daniel the Bull.

Each of these Bobble Head toys are available for only $10.99 starting with Max and Carol, while some new version and characters are being released right before the film’s actual launch.

max where the wild things are bobble head