Pacman Converse Shoes Make Way into Street Fashion

cool converse pacman shoes

The ubiquitous Converse shoes are loved all over the world for their comfort, style and simplicity and they have been in fashion for many decades, and not surprisingly, time to time people modify their converse shoes to suit their needs and tastes, just like TheKoopaBros‘s sister pimped her Converse shoes out to Pacman style.

new pacman theme converse shoes

While we really do not know what she used to paint the shoes with Pacman characters, the shoes look pretty neat and you would certainly be the center of attention when you go outside the house.

new pacman shoes

I am not sure if these shoes can be worn by guys considering the pimped out version looks a little too girly, but you could try painting on a pair of Converse shoes yourself and see which look suits you the best. If you are a Pacman fan, you would certainly not want to miss these shoes at all, and would either make them yourself or try to get them done from someone.

cool pacman converse shoes

I can’t understand what it is with shoes and Pacman, because we had written about Incredibly Cool Pacman Shoes sometime back too. Once you are done with your footwear inspired by Pacman, you can match them with a Pacman Hooded Sweatshirt to complete the Pacman look. If you also would like to furnish your room with some similarly themed furniture, you could go ahead and buy yourself these chic and stylish Pacman Poufs.


5 thoughts on “Pacman Converse Shoes Make Way into Street Fashion

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  2. Pacman shoes girl.

    Hey there! im the koopa bro’s sis, πŸ˜€ nice job on the blog, truly proud me shoes have made it online! lol
    anyhoo, i thought i would answer the question about how i did the pac-man design on the shoes in case anyone else wants to try πŸ˜€ i searched pac-man sprites online, printed some out and made teeny tiny stencils, probably not the easiest way to go about it, but it worked out as you can see πŸ˜€

    cheers πŸ˜€

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