Viper Smart Start iPhone App: Start Your Car with Your iPhone

viper smart start iphone app

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able and get rid of your car keys and have your iPhone act as the set of keys to lock and unlock your car doors, start it up, open the trunk and even have a panic button? It seems such an iPhone app is becoming available, so all those that love their iPhone AND Cars could combine the relationship.

The Viper Smart Start iPhone App was just released and provides exactly the utility of the set of keys does, but it is not cheap; using a $300 Viper Smart Start module which is installed in your vehicle, the car and iPhone owner can take charge of the following activities: Lock/Unlock your car doors and trunk (Open), turn on/off the car alarm, turn on the heat for some pampering and also turn on the ignition and start you car remotely. How is that for fun?

A cool thing to add is that it communicates with your vehicle and module by the cell network, so you do not have to have a line of sight. So basically, besides the price of the module, the Viper Smart Start app is free and after the first complimentary year of service, they aim to charge $30 yearly fee for such a service.

So along with the Stalking iPhone App and the Cocaine Scale iPhone Case, the Viper Smart Start really helps you live your gangsta dream in a high tech world.

Via: GeekyGadgets