Geeky Asteroids and Centipede Pro Keds Shoes Design

Everyone loves a good pair of shoes, and what can be better than owning these cool pro-keds sneakers resembling some old school games we used to love? The sneakers featured in this post are the Centipede shoes and the Asteroid shoes. Now these shoes are made by Matthew Bowman, the same guy who made these awesome Pacman Shoes. It just goes to show that you can never own too many pairs of geeky, video game based shoes.

Here is a picture of the Asteroid shoes

asteroids game shoes

Here are the Centipede shoes

centipede game shoes

For all you non geeks here, both Asteroid and Centipede were hugely popular arcade games back in the 80s (I think Asteroids is a bit older). Centipede was hugely popular even among the women, and was one of the first games that was actually designed by a woman (Woman’s Lib woohoo!). The aim of this game was to prevent the centipede from reaching the bottom of the screen. Asteroids on the other hand was a truly revolutionary game that influenced masses of arcade gamers back in the 80s. In this game, you got to shoot space ships and asteroids and other cool stuff. Enough about the games, and more about the shoes. These shoes are no doubt cool, but IMO the Asteroid shoes are just a bit cooler, maybe because the Centipede shoes are mostly white with very little design on them.

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