Remote Controller and Keyboard for Your Own Flying Saucer

Ever wondered what kind of gaming remote controllers and computer keyboards might be used by the highly advanced Extra Terrestrial Creatures? Thankfully Altug Toprak has given us an insight view of the Remote Controllers And Keyboards from the future.

remote controller computer keyboard

The new concept model for the controller and the keyboard looks like it was very much inspired by E.T and Flying Saucers, and not to forget the constant need for new and unique gaming controllers which should provide us a break from the ordinary. Maybe our friend Altug was planning to build his own Flying Saucer and then the need for an integrated keyboard and a gaming controller might have given him the inspiration for the cool new design.

remote control computer keyboard

Looks is not all that the keyboard has, the gaming controller is an integrated part of the keyboard itself and one can also use it as an individual controller as well, much reducing the pain to use and store an external joystick or a gaming controller for playing games on one’s computer.

cool remote controller computer keyboard

The Saucer shaped design will seem quite awkward during initial use, especially while typing but one can get used to it pretty soon.  You can also have a look at the other funky keyboards that do make a statement like the CombiMouse, a cool combination of a keyboard and a mouse, or the Art Deco Keyboard mod, which is something for the folks who like it the classic way.

new remote controller computer keyboard