Blue Screen Of Death Belt is a Little Optimistic

blue screen of death belt

Most of us try to refrain from ever seeing the Blue Screen Of Death, for it is just a frustrating screen without too many options…and we really despise it. At least Geeks have a more positive look of the popular BSOD, but this time, it is in Belt form.

Besides the Blue Screen Of Death gadget that was made for pranks, this is the most positive way you will view the BSOD without the frustration, the cursing and the anger. The cool belt presents the most hated screen visual on earth for all other geeks to see and have a common hatred with you.

Moreover, if you are an Apple geek, then this Blue Screen Of Death Belt can also provide you more strength on a daily basis, knowing that it could be taunting Windows users all day long while you simply walk the streets.

The cool BSOD Belt could be yours for only $23 and makes for a perfect Geek Gadget that is also fashionable.

funny blue screen of death belt

Product Via: CrunchGear