Weird Back Typing Keyboard For Those Who Live An Inverted Life

Every now and then there comes a cool gadget like this… something that has no specific use as such but still feels so cool that people can hardly wait to get their hands on them, one such gadget is this Weird Back Typing Computer Keyboard. This revolutionary (rather inverted) keyboard was seen on Momentimedia’s photo stream, and I personally feel that this could be one of those gadgets which have a strong aura of creativity but still miss out the real thing….. the ability to make life easier (not inverted).

weird computer keyboard back type

Much resembling an Abacus from the olden times, this keyboard will surely stand out in our huge list of Cool Keyboards. The main idea behind the use of this new device is that one can see the keys in front of the keyboard but in order to use them one needs to press the desired key from the backside of the keyboard, this might prove to be a little awkward as we are not used to holding a keyboard in hour hands and then typing backwards.

The keyboard is multimedia supported and includes all the standard functions, thankfully they have also provided a mouse (or maybe an analog controller) which can be controlled from the top side! I have no idea as to how we can make the full use of the keyboards potential; except setting it up on one’s PC and freak away any one who, you think will cause harm to your PC.