Incredible Pacman Arcade Game Cake Design Makes Mouths Water

It is incredible how Pacman inspired a whole generation of people to such an extent that they still cannot let go of the game, as this Pacman Cake is a true testament to this fact, and this is most definitely not the first set of Pacman cakes that have been baked. In fact, before I saw this cake, I thought nothing could beat these Pacman cupcakes that we had featured a little earlier. I have been proved wrong. These cakes however are very different from that set, and they bring back nostalgic memories of  teenagers and kids standing in gaming arcades playing video games.

pacman arcade game cake design

I really love the attention to detail on this cake from CupcakeJonas. Not only are the ghosts and the Pacman character brilliantly crafted, but the whole arcade set-up with the Pacman logo and the game on the screen defies description. Whoever got this amazing cake is definitely a lucky person,  I wonder what the occasion was and I wish I was part of the celebrations.

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