Mad Hatter Hat Takes You On A Fantasy Ride

Mad Hatter Hat

If Lewis Carroll’s timeless fantasy classic left you enthralled, the Mad Hatter Cap will take you on a real ride into the world of Alice and her entourage as expected from the movie (and story) characters. Inspired from the headgear of the riddle throwing character ‘Mad Hatter’ in the litterateur delight Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter Cap is the perfect addition to your ‘dream’ party. You can play the perfect, eccentric host to a group of hobbyists hanging out together to celebrate Alice and her adventures.

The Mad Hatter cap is officially licensed, we hear. It has been fabricated with velvet and has a hatband of burlap. Lending bling to the hat is a gold buck, with an embellished sidepiece made of buckram. The tautness is owed to the zippered lining. For surprise seekers, there is also a secret compartment to store your favorite goodies. If you have a fondness for movie and comic characters, you certainly need to check this one out. It fits all adult sizes between 57 and 61cms (head), and is priced at $25.99.

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