Ghostbusters Proton Pack: Kick Specter Ass

Ghostbusters Proton Pack With Gun

It’s time for the ghosts to get slimed one more time, for you have the power to bust them with the help of the Ghostbusters Proton Pack built by Dan Thomson. Well, if you spot any ghouls, that is! Humor aside, this is a perfect tribute to the cult classic ‘Ghostbusters’, which hit the screens (both small and big) during the 1980s. One would have to be waking up from a prolonged coma or lived in the ice age to have not heard about, let alone swooned over, the heroes who kicked specter ass. And if you love the movie and the characters as much as we do, we are pretty sure there is a beeline to find out more about this interesting creation.

Ghostbusters Proton Gun

There isn’t a lot of information available about the Ghostbusters Proton Pack, but we can tell you for now that it incorporates a Proton Gun with a Proton Pack, much like the original equipment that the movie characters carried. If you believe in apparitions and fancy yourself playing the role of a ‘ghost buster’, you certainly should get your hands on this one.

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

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