Do You Want To See a Space Invaders Alien Autopsy on a Shirt?

space invaders aliens autopsy

Finally the top secrets from the Area 51 leaked and now we can all have access to the biggest Alien Sighting that the United States government tried to hide from all of us for half a century with new Space Invaders Aliens.

Apparently, rebel scientists decided to reveal all secrets behind one of the greatest conspiracy theories through … T-Shirts! That’s right, you did not read wrong. Compromising photos showing scientists doing autopsies on poor ET’s, photos that now have been printed on T-shirts for the world to know the whole truth!

Of course this is a joke, even why which would be the chances of aliens are similar to those of the classic Space Invaders?

space invaders alien autopsy shirt

Besides being fun, the shirts reflect a whole pop culture, from conspiracy theories to games arcades of the ’70s and ’80s, something that shows once again that fashion is cyclical and that everything can and should be reused as a theme.

If you have a subtle humor, even sophisticated, this T-shirt certainly will reflect that in you.

space invaders alien autopsy

Cris Rowson Via: Geeky Gadgets