Steampunk Underwater Explorer Helmet is a Sharp Attempt

Steampunk Underground Explorer Helmet

If you ever fancied taking a dip in the ocean in an archaic, metal helmet, you certainly need to speak to Tom Banwell, who has managed to create this striking, Steampunk diver’s helmet. It is a masterpiece, alright, thanks to the intricacy in the leatherwork and the attention to detail. With a reflector headlamp and a seamlessly integrated goggle section, this Steampunk helmet does deserve a special place among the best Steampunk creations.

Steampunk Explorer Helmet
Tom Banwell’s steampunk helmet has been created almost entirely with leather, with the only aberrations appearing in the form of metal buttons and pins holding each section of the helmet together. Attached via a black leather ‘comb’, the lamp on the head can be adjusted for luminosity, if you are visiting darker depths. The designer has also added an oxygen canister for some pure, uncontaminated air. If Steampunk fascinates you, here is one marvelous design that you could swoon over.

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