Bacon Nails Will Create a New Generation of Nail Biters

bacon fingernails design

This must be the tastiest set of nails a Bacon lover has ever seen and could create a huge problem with today’s youth, encouraging them to start a horrible habit of eating (I mean biting) their nails.

The cool set of Bacon Nails by theDailyNail seems too tasty, even without the greasy flavor, reminding me of the Super Mario Bros Nails. They are a great tribute to the All American Bacon meal in a way that is highly creative, appetizing and torturous for regular carnivores.

For those still wondering what the health issues with these are, you can rest assured that they are calorie-free, contain no nutritional value whatsoever, but excessive nail biting could still cause some other problems. On the other hand, they remain crisp no matter how long they stay out, so it is as if these handy Bacon nail strips have found an advantage above the rest.

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bacon nails design

Via: Geekologie