FunkKit Sneaker Designs to Pimp Your Shoes

FunkKit Allstar Flower

If you love your Sneakers but wish you could have many different kinds without it eating into your pocket, then FunkKit Sneaker Designs may be a great alternative that is fun and harmless.

FunkKit Nike Squares

We have seen many different shoe designs that are handmade, beautiful and usually rather expensive, such as the Iron Man Shoes and Pacman Shoes. Now sometimes, the price is respective, for the designs are either difficult to create on your own, or the actual shoe is something that is extraordinary, like the Nike Transformers Shoes. But what if you only want to add a little spice, design or even your favorite Sports team logos to your favorite shoe? That is where FunkKit come in.

FunkKit All Together

FunkKit grants designer and consumers the power to design new and creative layers for different shoes, which in fact are made on quality stickers to be pasted on your favorite sneakers. The stickers are well made, durable and can last for a periods of one week. Moreover, when removed, your shoe will not be harmed and retains its old look and style.

FunkKit Adidas Going Wild

The new Shoe design alternative from FunkKit aims to provide many Sneaker enthusiasts another solution for their desire of different shoes but without the huge cost of getting new brands and models.

FunkKit Adidas Zebra

For more information, signing up or even to begin creating your own shoe designs, check out FunkKit’s site, gallery and designer’s page.

FunkKit ZooYork America