Halo RC Vehicles That Bring The Chase Home

Halo RC Warthog
We all at some point have had at least one Remote Controlled vehicle toy or at the very least wanted one as a kid, so why let that desire die out? Now we have a chance to get a toy vehicle that was our dream as a child and combine it with the extremely successful franchise of Halo. Yes, now we have Halo RC Vehicles that we can play with as we like!

Halo has made its mark in many a-gamers hearts; It’s fast paced action helped along with the assortment of weapons and vehicles. And yes the most common, the most used, the pin up for all Halo fans is the Warthog.

The Warthog is described by Master Chief’s AI Ally as a multi-functional vehicle that carries 3 soldiers ( I would prefer Spartans, they are l33t, so to say in gamer terms ) and has a Light Anti-Aircraft Gun at the back ( which is called LAAG Turret in short ).

Halo RC Warthog Turret

The Warthog is known for its nimble handling and superior speeds, as compared to the Covenant vehicles. I doubt that these RC vehicles will be anything less than that.

Halo RC Warthog toy

This model costs only $24.99 and comes with 2 Spartan Soldier figures and that mean looking LAAG turret at the back. The interesting twist is that the controller looks a bit like a game controller which adds a nice touch.

If I were you, I wouldn’t call shotgun, I’d take the shotgun and scare the driver out. I’m driving this baby and I know it drives good!

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