Boba Fett Lego Brick Helmet Is A Labor Of Love

Boba Fett Brick Helmet

It may not look remotely menacing as compared to the original character, but this Boba Fett brick creation certainly deserves appreciation for the hard work. We are pretty sure it took this bloke half a day to put every single brick together, breaking them down again when there is a goof-up, and starting from scratch all over again. This is not including the time spent on the drawing board, deciding where each single black, red or green brick goes. In the end, it did turn out to be a labor of love – one that is sure to capture passing eyeballs.

The creator of the Boba Fett helmet, JR Bricks, admits to taking a few cues from Brickitgood, but we wouldn’t take the credit away from him for this laborious task. If you have been a fan of Lego and other brick art, you certainly would love this one. For Star Wars fans, well, less said the better! There is certainly no sight half as gratifying as this.

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boba fett lego brick helmet