Can You Make Pacman Can Art?

pacman cans art

Imagine a competition where every year several “architects” and “engineers” meet in a city (2008 it was in New York) to overcome the mutual construction of bold and creative structures made from cans of soft drinks and canned food. That’s exactly what is Canstruction, and this time they even introduced Pacman the great.

The Canstruction is an international competition for the charitable purposes and surprises visitors with a giant panda bear, a sailboat, buildings and a car. The public is also invited to donate food at the entrance.

new pacman can art

However, in the latest edition from Sonson, the highlight was the Pacman Game. Yes that’s Pacman  – the computer game created by Tohru Iwatani for the Namco company and became one of the most popular games of all times, with versions for different consoles and several sequels, including today.

What is striking about these Pacman are the details and the situations they were placed, like eating a ghost. Finally, something we can really call creativity.
It is very important to remember that all food collect is donated to charities, especially now, a time of crisis in which avoid waste is a necessity.

pacman can art