Pacman Pillows are Practical and Retro

pacman ghosts pillows

If you spent hours playing the Pacman game and doted on it, there’s no way you would want to let these simple yet usable Pacman Pillows pass. Sewing Punzie has worked her fingers to the bone (well, almost!) to knit these character-inspired pillows and we must say, it is quite impressive. There is the pink ghost (Pinky), the orange ghost (Clyde), the cyan ghost (Inky) and then, there is Ms. Pacman herself; all lending the generous dose of eccentricity to your drawing room.

Pacman Pillows

Pillow designing is an art, if we hear right. There is a lot that goes into sewing or dyeing before the final output shows some semblance of the hard work. We must give a lot of credit to this designer, for she has created an entire bunch of pillows based on a variety of characters. For those of you wondering what to do on a boring afternoon, here is an inspirational idea. The most interesting aspect of this pillow design is the fact that it can be bought and used, unlike stuff that we come across often that are limited to the display case.

blue pacman ghosts pillows

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ms pacman pillows