Mission Computer Mod Raises The Bar On CPU Mods

For all those cool and sometimes wacky CPU cabinets here’s something cool with the Mission case mod which is a very ornate looking side table/computer system that made up of rich woods such as maple, birch and American black walnut.

mission computer mod

But Mission isn’t all style, it comes power packed with features such as a Sony Blu-ray optical drive, Intel Core 2 Duo and a Nvidia GTX 280 graphics card to name a few. The really cool thing about it though is that it has a custom designed air cooled temperature control system with air intake filter at the bottom coupled with a dual exhaust system that will make sure your computer stays as cool as a cucumber no matter what. Features like these make the Mission the pick of the lot for gamers and casual users alike by ensuring the very best in the gaming and home theater experience.

mission computer case mod

Coming back to the look (which I can’t get over); the horizontal chrome pieces that you see are from a vintage cigar humidor and the vertical chrome bars are actually spokes from a Harley Davidson motorcycle – talk  about recycling with style! the panels are interchangeable with a large number of colors to choose from so you don’t feel that everyone’s got the same thing as you.

mission computer case mods

All in all the mission sure does set the standard for now in this ever evolving world of personal computers and even though the price of this computer system is unknown its a sure bet that it will be worth the money.

via: slipperyskip