A Virtual Butler in a Mirror on the Wall for Upscale Modern Geek Homes

mirror butler on the wall

George Orwell’s famous ‘Big Brother’ has come alive in many science fiction tales, movies, reality shows where every moment of your life is watched and a face appears in a frame on the wall and speaks. But this is the first instance of having a Virtual Butler who would appear in what looks like a magic mirror on the wall and announce arrivals and give you alerts. This is most enhanced security for a modern upscale geek home.

virtual butler mirror gadget

Modern elite geek homes come with hidden cameras for security purposes but one has to rely on some personnel to watch those streaming videos.  This Virtual Butler is a server which is connected to all the cameras, doors, alarms etc and a human face pops up on a screen, which seems like a mirror on the wall to announce and alert the geeks of what is happening elsewhere around their homes. Moreover this Virtual Butler also screens the video feeds, so you can see that unannounced irritating guest at the door on your living room screen and decide whether to let the person in or not.

hi tech butler mirror gadget

Butler’s work is not restricted to security alone, he will also alert you when Jacuzzi is fully heated, remind your appointments or reveal when someone leaves home on the sly. This virtual Butler costs $20,000 and I am not sure whether he would be intelligent enough like a real Butler who doesn’t cost you so much.

tech butler gadgets mirror

This will be ideal Christmas gift for Geeks (hooked to virtual world) who would love to have Virtual Butler instead of real one. Artistic geeks can opt for Doruma Doll Like CCTV or Fake Security Cameras to enable survelliance.